On the Job List, choose a job where a note needs to be added. Click the '+' icon on the bottom right corner of the page where the 'Notes' icon appears. 

The 'New Note' screen appears where you can start adding data. 

Heading - serves as the title of the note

Description - is where you can add the text/contents

Attachment (paper clip icon on the top right corner of the screen) - lets you attach multiple photos in a note.
Note: on future developments, this will also allow you to add files to other formats such as documents, spreadsheets, pdf, etc. 

Image icon - allows you to choose an image from the phone's gallery. 

Use camera icon - opens your default camera app and allows you to take a photo to be attached directly to the note. 

Click the '✓' on the uppermost right corner of the screen to save the note.

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