Your client can be an individual or a company to whom you do business with. 

The '+' icon on the bottom left corner of the screen lets you add a client in one click anywhere in the Geo console. Clicking the ‘+’ icon would show the ’Client’ icon you must choose to add a new client. 

A client card opens where you scroll all the way down to fill out necessary data.

Full Name - is the name of the direct person you are doing the job for.

Company Name - is the name of the company of your client.

Email - is the email address used within Geo to send emails to clients. 

Phone - can be an office landline number or a home phone number.

Mobile - is where SMS can be sent to the client from Geo.

Billing client - is the client billed for the job to whom the invoice is addressed. This can be a different third party company.

Location Address - is the address of the job where job visits are done.

Mailing Address - this is where the invoice is sent.
Note: If the Location Address and Mailing Address is similar. You can tick the box that appears beside 'Mailing address same as the location address'

Status - refer to Update Client Details and Status - Console

Code - is a numeric or alphanumeric combination that is used as a unique reference for a client. This can be manually entered, else it is auto-generated by Geo.

To save the client details, hit on '✓' on the top right corner of the screen.

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