Xero Integration 

This feature gives Geo users the ability to integrate / connect with their Xero account. And then, if required, disconnect. Note - This feature is only available to Geo Admins. 

Manage your integrations using the INTEGRATIONS tab through your settings. 


  • Click on the CONNECT button to connect your Xero account
  • Once CONNECT is clicked on you will get redirected to login to your Xero account and allow access to your Xero data 
  • On initial integration, Xero will import your Taxes, Clients and Materials 

What else changes when you integrate with Xero: 

TAX tab 

  • There is now an IMPORT button to import new or update existing Xero taxes 
  • Xero taxes are shown in the materials taxes drop down 

Client list and overview screens

  • On the client list screen there is now 1) an IMPORT XERO CLIENTS button and 2) an Origin field to show what clients are from Xero
  • On the client overview screen we have also added a label underneath the client name to show that they have been imported from Xero  

Material tab on Billables screen 

  • On the materials list tab there is now 1) an IMPORT XERO ITEMS button and 2) an Origin field to show what materials are from Xero 
  • When adding/editing a tax for a material - we show the Xero taxes that have been imported with a Xero label 

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