Geo's Job Schedule feature allows you to easily view the schedule of jobs for the current DAY, WEEK or MONTH you are interested in viewing.

Using Filter Views to

You can filter the job schedules by choosing the jobs per Staff.

Regardless from which date shows on your schedule view, once you click on TODAY, it automatically changes the view to the current date.

You can filter the information that will be added on the schedule such as any bookings and staff unavailability.

You can also quickly add a new job or unavailability through the schedule.

How to add Jobs in the Job Schedule

Once you click on Add Job, you will see the same view as adding a new job from your shortcuts. Input the Client Name, Job Address, Job Name, Timezone, Staff, Date and Time.

Choosing More Options gives you a different view to input the booking details. Once done, you can just click on COMPLETE.

Add Unavailability in the Job Schedule

You can now add the unavailable days of your staff by plotting their unavailability in the Job Schedule. Input the Staff Name, Leave Type, Start and End Date, Start and End Time, and Notes if needed. Once done, you can just click SAVE.

The Job Schedule is an important tool for administrators and schedulers looking to view active jobs and easily book/manage jobs and staff unavailability in one place.

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